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At Hafnarfjörður south of Reykjavík, lies the engineering company Á.M. Sigurðsson LTD, specialises in the manufacture of equipment for better utilisation of fish catches. Primary a large proportion of the catch consisted of by-products, with the result that an excessive amount was simply thrown overboard.

Sigurðsson´s MESA machines have helped to stop this wastage, and mush of the rejected material in no longer regarded as by-products. Sigurðsson´s fish processing machines have held a leading position in Iceland ever since the establishment of the company 30 years ago.

The company’s own personnel carry out both design and production functions, and the machines are part of the now well known MESA series. Sigurðsson has also been involved in major projects such as the development and manufacture of Mobil freezing and stockfish plant. The entire mobile “factory” fits into a 40-foot container and handle about 10 tons of fish products three times a week.